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Incident Reports

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Ignacio Ezquerro-Canete


12:00 PM

Ellen Maggs
Daniel ?

We were doing a 3 v 2 drill and Daniel was in goal. One of the players took a shot which Daniel tried to save with his hands. He instantly seemed to be in pain after the save so I removed him from the session to see what was wrong. He was complaining that he was in considerable pain and that he could not move his hand or wrist.

I took Daniel to our Lead Coach who inspected him and then used a bib to make a sling to support his arm. Our coach then attempted to contact with Daniel's parents and waited with him until they arrived. We suggested than Daniel go to hospital to receive an X-ray.

Thomas Maggs


01:45 AM

Giles Bolton
Honor Bolton

(JD) clipped/flighted Shot hit Honor on the wrist at an awkward angle causing pain during an organised drill. Honor was visibly upset but JD and Team mates helped keep spirits up. No first aid administered and unable to examine thoroughly as Honor was not comfortable with anyone touching her wrist. Dad called immediately by coach JD and he arrived to support within 3-5minutes. Honor left with Dad.

- Dad called - came to take Honor

- Ellen called dad subsequent to session to ask for an update

- Dad confirmed they were at AnE due to amount of pain Honor was in

- Awaiting further updates